Due Date

I've read statistics that say as few as 5% of baby's arrive on their due date.  It looks like Jericho has no intention of being part of that 5%...  

Alex and Chase were both born 5 days after their due dates.  The rest were all early (granted two of them were only "early" by one day).  So, this is the longest I've been pregnant since 9 years ago!!  Crazy.

Please, keep praying for my sanity...  :)

(For those of you waiting impatiently for news... I plan on having Steph post when the baby is born.)

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Steph and Mitch T said...

Um...my camera batteries are STILL charging. Haven't used that darn camera in days, obviously. Is it bad to leave them plugged in still like that? Like maybe they won't be fully charged now?