Take a guess!!

She's overdue... take a guess at when she'll finally show up!

Take the poll!!


Steph and Mitch T said...

Ohhhh...Dawn and I guessed really close! I didn't realize that. :) I couldn't decide between doing it TODAY (you know the least perfect time would be when I have groceries and I'd have to take them home first) or on Caleb's birthday (which is the 14th) and time. I decided the 14th is too far away. ROFL. And I'd like to get my groceries home first. :) Otherwise my family will starve...you know.

Jami said...

I took a stab in the dark. lol I'm never good at guessing anything, so hopefully you'll have her before my guess!! I'm anxious to hear all about her birth! (Praying for you, too!!)

Kristin said...

Don't know if you noticed that Tim guessed the 13th. When I asked him what his guess was, he said "I'm not gonna' get smacked if I say Tuesday, am I??" LOL