The results

Testing went so well! The boys both proved that they are smart :) Alex tested at the level of an 8th grader in Math, and Chase also tested above grade level. I'm so pleased to know that they are doing well. It gives me more confidence that I can do this! And, I think it gave them both more confidence.

I did get the Wii Fit going, and I'm so glad I did! It's fun to exercise and keep track of my time. I've set my goal (to lose 5 lb in one month) and so far, I'm doing well. I lost over a pound already! And, I feel better. Just knowing I'm doing something to better my health makes me feel good. So far, my favorite is the step activities. But, the Hula Hoop is pretty fun too. :) The only problem I've encountered so far is that the ceiling in the basement is too low to do some of the Yoga moves. LOL Maybe I'll just have to take out a ceiling tile...

The hives got better, and then returned with a vengeance. Thankfully they seem to be under control with the Xyzal. So, I'll take that for a couple more days. If they come back again I'll have to dig a little deeper for answers.

Saturday was a busy day, but was so good! Of course, the testing went well. Then, I took all the kids to church while Tim worked and hung out with some friends that were there for a Craft Day. Later, we had a birthday party to attend so there was more time with friends. (And a clear reminder that I'm not as young as I used to be!! LOL I tried to climb the rope and only made it about as far off the ground as I could reach standing.) After the b-day party I was able to find a sitter. So, while Tim went back to work I went out with the same friends I'd spent time with at Craft Day. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. We laughed. We shared stories. We laughed some more. We stayed out way too late... But it was so worth it! Can't wait for the next time. :)

Well, I'm off to get lunch. Oh, and it's snowing here! Lots!! So, I'm stuck at home, but I'm thinking it's a great day for the kids to go outside. I hear the snow calling to be made into a snowman! :)

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