Fun and Games

Tim has the week off from work. On Tuesday the kids wanted to play a game so he sat down with Victory and Levi for a couple rounds of Hi Ho Cherry-O. Levi won... both games! After the second game he did a little happy dance. I always forget that I can't turn my camera when shooting video! But, I think it's cute... even if he is sideways. ;)


AllyJoy said...

Way to go Levi! Great happy dance - did he invent it all on his own or did he learn it from Victory? In the first picture I thought it was you at first glance!

Courtney said...

Goofy guy! Good to see y'all are enjoying your vacation!

Don't you hate that about the videos? I have so many sideways videos, I wish there were some way to turn them. Oh well, live and learn.