In case you thought I exaggerated...

Earlier today I was talking to Steph on the phone and we started getting feedback (I could do a whole 'nother post on how much I dislike Charter...) so she was going to call me back unless I just needed to go. I said, "I don't NEED to go, but I should. I'll go clean my bathroom. [pause] Tell me to go clean my bathroom!" So, like the good friend she is *big grin* she told me to go clean my bathroom. When I was done I sent her a picture just to prove I'd done it. And so, I'll share that picture with you. The tub (which you can't see) is to the left of the toilet. I'm actually standing about 3 feet outside the bathroom to take the picture. Yes, this one tiny bathroom is what we have for the 8 of us.

And just because it's funny, and relates to the whole bathroom theme... We were getting ready to go to Steph's on Wednesday and I found this in the bathroom. (Sorry it's blurry, but you get the point! LOL) I'm betting on Shiloh, but haven't done any forensics to prove it. :D Yum! LOL


Courtney said...

We also have a *tiny* bathroom. It's okay for now, but I really hope the situation changes before we have teenagers!

Umm... ewww. I wonder how the culprit enjoyed their snack? LOL!

Steph and Mitch T said...

Ok, so the first comment that comes to mind? Well, before I tell you I have to tell you the background. See, I have a memory like a steel trap. A rusty one, of course. (After all, you DO know me). It's SO weird the things I remember. So one day a looooong time ago you were over at my house and you came out of the bathroom and declared to my joy and humiliation (both, because I'm not sure HOW to feel), "Steph, that's the cleanest I've ever seen your bathroom!" So I've remembered that one comment to this very day and I've ever strived to outdo whatever it was I did to make my bathroom so clean and pleasantly surprise you. :)

Kristin, that's the cleanest [I think] I've ever seen your bathroom!


And I mean that with SO much love [and a few giggles on the side].