Levi funnies

[I really should have been on top of things and grabbed the camera when this happened, but I honestly didn't think about it until just now...]

When Tim got home from work today we went outside and put a coat of poly on our new table top. I came inside and found Levi sitting in Jericho's high chair.

Me: What are you doing? [holding back laughter]
L: I wanted to see if I could be a baby!
Me: [still trying not to laugh]
L: Can you get me out!?

The second funny occurred while we were waiting for supper to finish cooking...

Currently, Levi's favorite color is red. He has red tennis shoes that Grandma bought him. He has a couple pair of red sport/knit pants and a couple red shirts that he wears almost every day (he would wear them every day if I'd let him...).

I was sitting on the couch with him, and out of the blue he says, "When I'm a daddy I'm going to have a red Corvette ["tor-vet" in Levi speak], and a red truck, and a red van. And I'm going to have a red house, and a red body, and LOTS of red shoes!" (He reiterated several times that he would have a LOT of red shoe - just for him.) He continued on for about 5 minutes listing all the "red things" he was going to have -- among them, a red t.v., a red computer, a red spider, and a red bookcase.


Courtney said...

Did he mention finding himself a redheaded woman? ;)

Steph and Mitch T said...

And a red front, and a red back...

LOL...too funny about the highchair! But that is so true, sometimes our kids try things on for size!!

Kristin said...

Courtney, he did mention something about a "red girlfriend" which Tim says he took to mean a redhead. :)

AllyJoy said...

So funny! Levi is a card.

Heather said...

That's too cute :)

Andy still talks about his old chair and highchair that the cat ruined. He NEEDS them back!