Turkey and Rice (Yum!)

At least Jericho seems to think so! [Having tasted the concoction myself, I'm not convinced...LOL] We started "solids" a couple of days ago. Her first "meal" was 1/2 jar of turkey, 1 TBSP of rice cereal, and a bit of water. It totaled 1/4 cup of food, and she ate it all with no problems! All my other kids have spit up a bit after their first feedings -- even if they didn't normally spit up. She didn't! I'm thrilled, and she seems to be as well. :)

In other J news, she slept from about 9PM last night until 6:30AM this morning. Yahoo!! [I'm not sure yet if sleeping through the night is a good trade of for the current fad of not taking naps during the day...]

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AllyJoy said...

So funny! I don't think I would eat whole 1/4 cup of that - even if I was her size:). Keep it going with those long sleeping spans, Jericho!