Better Late Than Never

...Or so they say :)  And in the case of the newest member of our family, quite true!  He was late... but he arrived!  I can not believe that in just minutes he will "officially" be FOUR WEEKS OLD!

Phoenix Justice
Born @ Home
12:56 a.m.
one day old

Phoenix is well loved by all his brothers and sisters!  Everyone offers several times a day to hold him. :)
just as the shutter snapped he flashed this sweet smile

It is an absolute joy getting to know our new "little" man!  I worried that I would miss not having a *tiny* infant, but I LOVE his rolls and dimples and his size!
*little* is a relative term :) 
Welcome to our family Phoenix!  Can't wait to watch you grow... you were worth the wait. :)
first photo as a family of 9


damenz said...

What an absolutely adorable family you all are, congratulations and many blessings!

Steph T said...

Fantastic family picture! Note that Jericho is the only one who could get away with looking at the gameboy instead of at the camera. :) If it were Chase or Alex we could clock them a good one. Congratulations on the birth of Phoenix Justice!!!

(Hey and for the record, if I did choose the same middle name like I was thinking because it's in the Bible, it would be Obadiah Justus...totally different spelling! I never even thought about it.)

Gen said...

precious! but you have me wondering, how late was he?

Wanda said...

Tim and Kristin, You have a wonderful family. Your children are adorable. I wish I was closer to love on them more. Blessings! I love you all--Wanda

Kristin said...

Sorry Gen! I totally intended on getting back to you... Originally we thought I was due around Nov 28. Then it was determined (based on an early u/s) that the actually date was probably Dec 6. Either way, he was plenty late for this mama!! :)

sundquist-timeinabottle said...

It's nice to see young couples having large families. So many people think if you have more than to you're crazy. We had five and now have 10 grand kids and make a really big family picture.