Overdue... or maybe just overdone!

Contrary to what the Expectnet.com link says on my sidebar, I do not have 5 days until my due date... rather, I am 5 days past my due date.  If I make it through today without delivering, it will officially be the longest pregnancy I've endured.  Now, when I say that, it makes it sound like being pregnant is never any fun.  This is NOT true.  However, for me, the last few weeks are never fun.  And this time around is no exception. 

It's quite possible this is the worst it's ever been... especially this last week.  Quite honestly I've been feeling kind of borderline psychotic.    There have been some REALLY bad days (yesterday was one of them).  I think one of the hardest parts for me is the fear of having another gall bladder attack.  As of last night I'm up to six attacks since mid-October.  I've been asked what triggers them.  The only answer I can give is FOOD.  I can eat something one time and be fine, but eat it again a few days later and have an attack.  I can't pinpoint anything specific.  I'm almost afraid to eat anything other than a bowl of cereal.  I just want to have this baby.  And then I want to talk to the doctor more about taking care of this gall bladder issue. 

I'm also kind of tired of everything being "up in the air".  We can't make plans for anything because we don't know when the baby will arrive.  I don't go to church anymore because I can't handle the comments... I'll either lash out, or cry (neither of which is a good option).  Sleep has been elusive.  Last night was the first night in a long time that I was *only* up twice.  Usually, I'm awake every hour or two all night long, and often can't fall asleep in the in-between time.  This makes for one tired and cranky momma.

So... there you have it.  I could really use some prayer here!  (I know many of you are already praying for me on a very regular basis.)

Ahh... a laugh!  I was just informed by Victory and Alex that Chase took Jericho's *dirty* diaper off and she promptly peed on him.  LOL  So, see??  There are still SOOO many reasons to love my life! ")


Heather said...

I'm so wishing I was there..I'd give ya a big hug..talk your ear off and help ya do whatever you needed to get done.

Love you lady..and praying that you can be comfortable and at peace with all this waiting.

Angel Larsen said...

Kristen - I feel your pain. I was 5 days over with Lydia and I thought they were going to have to send me to the "crazy" hospital. I will be praying. I had Carl read psalms over me while I just cried...it helped a lot!
May you have peace.

AllyJoy said...

Praying for you, Kristin! I can't imagine going over a due date much less with the gall bladder attacks and a house full of kids. Hang in there!!! Hopefully you are in labor right now:).

Gen said...

i get it. believe me, i get it. my dh would run interference for me, and if someone began to say something stupid, he would tell them I wasn't responsible for my actions!

I've gone way over...WAY over. hang in there, I promise they always come out!

Immodesty Blaze said...

Stumbled across your blog randomly :o) Hope something has happened by now.. And plx God let me give birth on time and absolutely no later.. Meanwhile, rest assured that the psychologist says that less than 1% of women actually fall into a birth psychosis. And most of those recover ;o) Best of luck!