I know you missed me! ;)

Random updates:

Everyone seems to be keeping up an acceptable pace.  I am, however, still trying to work out some "kinks" in our schedule. (I've always been great at MAKING schedules... it's KEEPING them that's difficult!  LOL) I've discovered that Victory is EXCELLENT at learning memory verses.  For those of you that see her on a regular basis, perhaps next time you see her you could ask her to recite one for you? :)  Each of them have moments when they excel, and moments when I wonder just where their brain has gone! ;)
This week, the two older boys began an Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW) class with two other families from our church.  We're doing the "Student Writing Intensive Level B".  The class is facilitated by my friend, Devona Emerson (a teacher, now homeschooling her own 2 kids) and is also attended by the three eldest Theis' kids.  I am anticipating that the addition of this class will benefit the rest of our schooling in great ways as the boys learn how to (correctly & efficiently!) write a good paragraph and beyond.
 *baby boy
Phoenix is close to 20 lbs, and beginning to grow hair just like Levi did around this age. He has the cutest little cowlick that sticks straight off his head on one side... sometimes, it's on both sides.  :)  He is crawling everywhere, and pulling up on everything.  He loves to eat -- but doesn't like turkey (I'm guessing it has more to do with the texture of that nasty G*rb*r baby food than anything... LOL)  Last night, after a very rough start, he rewarded me with 7-1/2 hours of consecutive sleep.  The best part?  I was asleep for ALL of them!! :)

*extended family
This last weekend we were able to go stay at Tim's mom's for a few days.  Tim cut down somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 trees for his mom, and got them cleaned up and out to the fire pit.  The kids spent most of their days outdoors wearing out the tires their cousin's bikes. :)  The weather was cool, and PERFECT (in my opinion) for being "up north".  Late nights with the brother-in-law and some of the older nephews sitting out at the fire pit... reminiscing about the past, dreaming about the future, singing, joking... reminded me, once again, that I'm no longer a kid.  LOL  Must.Have.Sleep! ;)
My parents have been down a few times.  Yesterday we enjoyed the buffet at Pizza Ranch (kids 10 & under eat free on Tuesday!) courtesy of Grandpa and Grandma.  On Friday, they will come down to pick up the three oldest kids for a weekend up at their cabin west of Two Harbors.

*looking forward
Mid-week church activities begin again soon.  Alex will be involved in his second year of youth group with Junction 180.  This Sunday marks the beginning of Sunday School for the year, and Monday will be our first UPLIFT of the year.  (UPLIFT is the Christian homeschool co-op we are involved in with about 40 other local homeschooling families.)  I'm looking forward (albeit with some trepidation) to teaching a class at UPLIFT this year with my friend Karri.  Everyone is looking forward to again seeing friends we've made in previous years as well. :)

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Karri said...

Hooray for an update! Glad things are going well in your household. I look forward to seeing you more often!