Phoenix is 9 months!! (pic heavy)

Phoenix is such a joy!  
He's *usually* very smiley.  
He's finally beginning to sleep better *most* nights.  
He enjoys his food!  
Just recently he started eating much more regularly, and at supper will polish off two jars of food, plus what ever little Gerber finger foods (the kind that "melt" so reduce the risk of choking - I found out he's not quite ready for Cheerios yet...) we dole out.  
He still naps like a champ.  
He is just on the brink of starting to cruise the furniture, but at this point only takes one step either direction.  
One of his favorite pasttimes is pulling his sisters' hair. ;)

Hanging out with his buddy, Issy. :)
Love that smile and those BLUE eyes!

Just for fun, I've thrown in one pic of Levi at 9mo. Did anyone notice on their way through the photos? ;)

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Karri said...

Cute photos! Even without the date on it, I could tell which was Levi. Fun photos. Can't believe he's getting so big!