We had a busy weekend rearranging things in the house.  The piano is now OUT of the dining room!!  Yay!  Feels much more roomy.  We originally planned only to move the piano and rearrange things in the toy room.  We ended up doing MUCH more than that, and are very pleased with the results!
We painted just the one wall so it’s no longer pink (didn’t want to have to move the piano again to paint!). Nice improvement, huh!?  It was still bright pink (the photo doesn’t nearly do it justice!!) from when it was Victory’s bedroom!!  We plan to try to get one wall done each weekend.  By spring we could have a whole new house! ;)  Not sure if I can handle the entire room that bright, but I’m pleased with the result for now.  And the kids love it!

Got these two chairs on Craigslist.  IKEA!  The actual cost of the chairs and cushions would have been between $40-$50, but we only paid $15 for everything.  Yay for great deals!!  (It was funny because we’ve been using the piano bench as seating at the table and when we moved the piano Alex said, “Now where am I going to sit?”  LOL  So, we were kind and fixed that for him.  LOL)

Look what we found behind the piano when we moved it!  Good grief!!  Those kids are such slobs.  LOL  And that's not all... when we re-ran the internet cable back to the living room we found a LOT of stuff (see pic below).  ALL of that went through the tiny hole with the yellow cable coming through it (just above the dustpan).  I don't know...  somehow that seems a *little bit* intentional!  haha

Backing up. Before all that rearranging occurred, we had to get what I've long referred to as "my scary corner" organized.  It's full of craft items, and fabric and sewing supplies.  Check out the "before" and "after" pics!! (I won't label them... I think it's clear which is which.  LOL)

The following photo was taken during the clean out process.  That's fabric... and not all of it!  It's possible I have a problem.  LOL  In my defense, much of it was purchased when I was making cloth diapers.  And, some of it was not purchased, but given to me.  Still... I texted a friend this pic (along with pics of the rest of the stash) and she offered to find me a meeting. ;) "Hi, my name is Kristin, and I'm a fabricoholic."  LOL


Cynthia Hancox said...

Awesome job Kristin!! What a transformation! If you find that meeting, I may have to join you ;-).

Steph T said...

LOL!! Nice work! Now you should see my sewing room...it looks like I rolled back the clock a few years. :) Since I sold enough fabric I have been able to condense and rearrange. It feels so great to do that, doesn't it? I celebrated by ordering a few more yards of PUL. Shhhhhhh....

(You might want to send me the information for your FAA meeting. LOL)

Kikers said...

That's awesome. I'm slowly but surely simplifying and getting rid of excess stuff so I can re-organize. I only have one little boy and I'm amazed at how quickly stuff piles up and gets out of hand. Your junk corner re organization is inspiring! I am always amazed how much crap ends up under the couch when I vaccuum...never took pictures but maybe I should!

Toodie said...

I have to say that the quantity of fabric there is not enough for a meeting. You can still see the floor so you don't qualify. LOL Great rearranging; lots of work!

Heather said...

wow...you didn't send me that pic! It looks great. You could teach me to sew..that would help deplete your stash :)

Candace said...

Hi Kristin!

Stopping by to say hello! Hope you and your family are well! All the changes look great! And I wish I had all that wonderful fabric! :)