Size Doesn't Matter

Last year, the kids (primarily Chase I think) planted a couple of pumpkin seeds in random spots.  One plant is near the garage, the other in the compost bin.  The seed near the garage produced a very small plant.  The seed in the compost has the best soil, and has grown quite large.  However, here's the proof that size doesn't matter:
Tiny plant.
Beautiful flower.  Wonder how big the pumpkin will be?
Large plant!
Just one of those leaves is bigger than the other entire plant.  No flowers here though!

On another note... the tomatoes are prolific this year!  I'm wondering if the lack of deer eating our garden has anything to do with the floodlight on the backyard neighbor's garage?  At any rate, it's nice to have plants in the garden that aren't being eaten (by anyone but us *wink*).
This picture was taken a couple of days ago.  I thought there was an abundance of flowers then... today, there are infinitely more!  Amazing. :)  Good thing Phoenix loves tomatoes.  He'd eat them all day if we allowed. ;)  Snacks for him for the rest of the summer! LOL

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