Tiberius - Month One

Tiberius James is 1 month old! Boy, does time fly... I didn't even realize today was the one month mark until a friend mentioned it while we were texting this morning.  I'd been so focused on the crazy fact that he was 4 weeks old on Monday that I forgot all about the 1 month mark.  LOL

He truly is a joy.  He sleeps better at night than any of the last 3 kids have.  We usually get a couple of four hour stretches with an occasional 5 hour stretch. What a relief that is!  Over the weekend at Tim's mom's he smiled at me, at Grandma, and at Tim.  (Alex just peeked over my shoulder and chimed in with, "He smiled at me too!")
Finding his thumb - not sure if I condone this behavior. LOL
Brothers in matching outfits - Phoenix is often found sitting next to Ty rubbing the top of his head. :)
1 month old - chunking up nicely! *squeeze*

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Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom said...

So precious.

Time does fly. My baby girl is one-years-old in less than a week.

Adore these pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Have a blessed day!