Officially on the Market

Today we signed the paperwork to put the house on the market.  What a relief to have that step in the process completed!  The stress factor now comes from the need to keep the house clean and show-ready while still living our lives... with 8 kids... in the house 24/7...

Listings can be viewed here at the Coldwell Banker site, or at johnpearsonhomes.com under "Featured Listings".  Our house is on page 2 (the address is 2822 22nd Street South). If I'd taken the pictures myself I would have moved some things out of the way. LOL  Somehow what looks okay in person looks much more cluttered in a snapshot!  Oh well.  Someone is sure to love it. :)

Please pray along with us for a QUICK sale!  We know God has a buyer in mind, and ultimately the timing is His not ours.  It's tough not seeing the big picture! But we trust that He has a plan that is best for us...

Such an exciting time in our lives!

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