Chase Turns 14

Sigh. I can't believe my 2nd is already 14! On his birthday (Tuesday) we headed to the Science Museum. The kids all had a great time. TJ was especially excited in the Mayan exhibit. 
We headed home and met Grandpa and Grandma O at Perkins for a birthday meal. Later we went back to the house for presents and cake. 
Finally, tonight, Tim and I took Chase on his own to the restaurant of his choice. He wanted Boulder Taphouse. No argument here! We love their food!! Chase ordered "The Difibrillator"... he didn't quite finish it, so he'll have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. :) At the end of the meal they brought his free birthday dessert. It was a "Carmel Apple Sundae" and could easily have fed the whole family! Yum :P
Happy Birthday, Chase! We love you. Thank you for your hardworking, others-centered attitude. It is a joy to see you growing into a fine young man. 

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Karri said...

Happy Birthday, Chase!! He passed me by in height a while ago. ;) Such a fine young man he is becoming.