Shiloh's "Taggie"

Kids love tags... at least mine do.  They love to chew on them.  If you ever pick up a stuffed animal one of the babies has been playing with, the tag is soaked.  lol  I can't claim this blanket as an original idea, but mine was much cheaper to make then the real Taggies.  I just used scraps I had from other projects.  The loop on the angled corner (upper left) is perfect for a link-a-doo.  As a bonus, the blanket is small - only about a foot square - so it's quite portable, and keeps Shiloh really happy in the carseat! :)

I'll share some other sewing projects later, but wanted to get this one up as I've been intending to do it since I finished the project!  (Hence, the picture...) lol


Heather said...

A friend of mine gave Andy one...he loved it at first but isn't so interested now. It was nice as it was so small.

Beetles and Bees said...

Good job, Kristin!

Kristin said...

Well, I guess I don't expect Shi to be too interested in her taggie when she's 2-1/2 either! lol I remember you saying Andy had one.

Oh, and thank you, Karli :)


Christine said...

Your taggie is adorable. I am curious as to the size. I made one too, for my little boy but I think I made it too big. He still likes it and it works as a lap pad on car trips. Check mine out at my blog:) Christine

Anonymous said...

This is too cute! I may have to make one for me 18mo. as I have tons of scrap material lying around.