35 weeks!!!

Where has the time gone?? I had my 35 week appointment with Joy (my midwife) yesterday. It went well. No weight gain for me since my last visit 2 weeks ago. This is a pleasant surprise for me :) At the beginning of my pregnancy I lost 5 pounds. From that point, I'm up only 20 pounds. So, only 15 pounds from my actual pre-pregnancy weight. This is DEFINITELY the least I've ever gained during a pregnancy. I'm hoping that my post-delivery weight loss will remain about the same as usual (in the 10-15 pound range) and that I'll be able to lose more following that. It would be good if I could lose another 20 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Enough about me... LOL Jericho is a busy little girl. I feel movement often, and it's strong! Joy says she still feels a bit scrawny (actually she says she has a bony butt - LOL) It's so hard to believe that in only 2 weeks she'll be considered full term! We are all looking forward to meeting her. The older boys remind me on a fairly regular basis that I HAVE to have dad wake them up if Jericho arrives in the middle of the night. They really want to be there for the delivery. When I had Shiloh all the kids slept through everything (she was born around 3:00 in the morning).

I guess our Christmas plans are a little bit up in the air... the current plan is spending time at my mom and dad's in Pillager. My aunt and uncle from Colorado Springs, as well as my aunt who is a missionary in Ethiopia will be there. It's my brother's family's year with our family, so he will also be there with his wife and son. Wow... it sounds hectic just typing it out! Of course, if Jericho arrives earlier than her due date we could have a new baby to introduce! And, I guess beyond that it really depends on how I'm feeling. Based on previous pregnancies as well as how I've felt through this pregnancy, I'd say we'll be in Pillager for Christmas :)

So, there's my update... hope you're not too bored! :) I'll try to update again soon.


Candace said...

WOW!! You're so close! I'll be praying for a wonderful and safe birth!

Unfortuantely, this time I have to have a hospital birth. This will be difficult after having a home birth with our last.

Thanks for the update! I'm jealous of your weight gain, or lack of. I've already gained 10 pounds in 14 weeks. I usually slow down in the second trimester though. Can't wait to hear the great news!


Kristin said...

I wish I were so lucky in the weight-gain department. I normally gain more than 50 pounds with each pregnancy! I gained 77 with my first, nearly doubling my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm 17 1/2 weeks along with #6 right now and I've gained six pounds so far.