Headers & Hair

I changed my header again, as you may have noticed.  I've made it a goal to change my background and header every month.  I love this picture... it's one of the outtakes from our family photo session with Angela that we had back in October.  All the kids have *great* looks on their faces.  LOL

Now, on to the hair.  Victory has been asking to have her hair cut because she hates having it brushed.  With all the curls it easily tangles.  She asked a few days ago and I said I'd talk to Tim and see what he had to say.  Then, it didn't come up again, so I let it go.  Today she asked again.  So, here's the before and after:

This should be MUCH easier to care for.  And, she really likes it, so that makes me happy.

Every time someone in the house (any one) gets their hair cut, Shiloh wants hers cut too.  I usually oblige by setting her in the chair and cutting a couple little strands.  Tonight I did a bit more... I think the results are great!


Much nicer look.  She's always got what looks like a big rats nest in the back no matter how many times I comb it, so I'm hoping this will help solve some of that problem.

I'm still working on that vacation post, so stay tuned!

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Kelly Filtz said...

I love your "out take" picture! You have a BEAUTIFUL family!