Way back in December, in this post, I promised to do another post about the bike.  Finally, here it is... (Thanks, Karri, for bugging me about it.  LOL)

We blindfolded Victory and brought in the bike.


 I'm pretty sure she liked it -- and was surprised!


 She had to check everything out, including the cute little backpack on the front.  Did you notice Susie (the cat) had to check it all out too?  LOL

As we were removing all the tags from the bike I noticed this:

See in the middle of the tag where it says, "No Gas Needed"?  Right above that it says, "MGP Guide".  What were they thinking?  Are they serious?  Or was this just supposed to be funny?  It's kind of like the warnings you find on things like silicone packets in pills... "Do not eat".  LOL

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