Victory Joy Noel

It's a week late, but HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY, VICTORY JOY!!

{The "rainbow cake" you requested -- or the closest thing I could find ")}

{You and Grandma "O" when you were 2yo - my how you've grown!}

{Your new bike -- I think you like it!}
someone remind me to do another post about the bike...

{Cowgirl boots!}

{Webkinz from Grandma "at the river" and handmade blanket from Gramma Jeanne}

You're growing into a beautiful young lady!

*You love all things pink & princess
*You have your mother's looks, and her attitude (what?!  LOL)
*You are learning your letters and numbers quite well
*You love to help with the baby, and even change diapers!
*You are a drama queen (see second comment)
*You sing all.the.time and often make up your own songs which a.l.w.a.y.s. talk about God and His goodness and love

I love you
Miss Victory Joy Noel!


Anonymous said...

Smile :) Mom's attitude ;) LOL

Andy has my talkability and is currently driving both d and i crazy tonight. it's almost 10pm and he's still up.

What a sweet post about victory.
love you.


AllyJoy said...

This Victory Joy Noel post is the best! I love that she got cowgirl boots. I don't see her very often, but my image of her is always in boots with a spring in her step. Happy birthday!