It's Cold!

The weather outside is frightful! Wish a had a fire - that'd be so delightful. ")

It's hard to tell how much snow we got because of the blowing/drifting. Tim is frustrated because the battery in his 4-wheeler (which he uses to plow) has issues. It has enough juice to run the machine, but not enough to run the winch. That means he can't plow the driveway. He's been driving the Yukon to work because it has 4 wheel drive. His old pickup just doesn't have what it takes to get out of the driveway with all that snow/no traction.

We keep the heat pretty low in our home, but this week we've had to raise it a couple of degrees. Even Tim has been cold! I tell him he's getting old. ") He used to wear shorts to work all winter long when he was driving to Plymouth. He never wore long-sleeve shirts. Now, he wears jeans most of the time and it's rare to see him without a hoodie. ") But, I love that 'old man'!

On another note (and because it just doesn't seem right to post something with no pictures...), how many Jenga blocks can a two year old fit in her pocket? You might be amazed. ")

(Apparently you can't fit 8. LOL)

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