About a year ago we cut a hole in the wall between our dining room and a bedroom to create an "flow" for what became a dining room/living room. 
We LOVE the resulting open feel, but the wall has been bare sheetrock for a l.o.n.g. time.

And, with 6 kids living in the space, the area around the opening has become more and more marred with fingerprints as time passes...  (If you click on the picture above to look at a larger version, you can clearly see 4 distinct fingerprints above J's head. LOL)

But, over the last couple of weeks Tim has worked hard to get the taping/mudding completed, and we are finally making progress!

As I sit here typing this post, Tim is working on trimming out the wall so we can paint!  I think he plans on getting the trim to complete the opening sometime this weekend as well.  Hopefully, soon I'll be posting pictures of the completed space... and maybe I'll even take time to hang the family pictures on the wall before I do! ")

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Heather said...

fun...looks good :) Told ya I'd come help ya paint :P)