10 months... and more

Phoenix reached 10 months on the 16th.  I took more than 40 pictures trying to get one good one.  None of them were super, but a few show his personality. :)

This is slightly unusual... he's so busy he doesn't often snuggle (this only lasted a few moments) and he also doesn't use a soothie.  But, for some reason, he felt the need for both at that moment. :)
He's a big ham... and LOVES it when he can get his hands on the remote!  He stood at the end of the ottoman and popped up and down off the floor for a while.  Every time he would pop up he'd give me a silly little grin.

He sucks those same "best" fingers that I did as a child.  Usually he does this when he's getting tired and ready to take a nap or go to bed (these were all taken at bedtime).  Love it when he grins at me around those fingers. :)

He also has this sweet little cowlick that is almost always sticking off his head.  It's absolutely adorable. ;)
Recently we had friends over on a Sunday afternoon.  There were 12 kids in our house... 10 of them were 9 yrs old and under.  Three of them were 2.5 yrs old - twins from their family, and one from ours, all born on the same day. :)
Finally, these were just too beautiful not to share.  Fall is my absolute favorite time of year!  These colors are just one of the reasons...

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