$20 well spent

All the kids seem to have grown by leaps and bounds this summer... must be all that fresh air. ;)  Today, I was able to score some good deals on pants at Goodwill.  For Phoenix and Levi I was able to take advantage of the Blue Tag Sale (50% off).  PJ now has a cute pair of Wranglers, a pair of OshKosh bibs, and a pair of Gymborie black corduroy bibs.  Levi has a pair of slightly worn (but no holes) windpants, and a pair of jeans.  $1.50 each, except for the Gymborie bibs which were $2.

I was also able to find 3 pair of boys jeans without holes in the knees (a rare commodity in this house!) that I hoped would fit either Alex or Chase.  Two pair fit Chase, and the third was perfect for Alex.  They weren't on sale, but still only cost $3.99 a pair.  Chase is notoriously hard on pants, so it's good that TWO fit him. :)

Not bad for $20!

Now, the big task for the coming week is to go through ALL the kids clothes and make a list of everything else we need for the winter.  I'll admit, I'm not really looking forward to tackling this job, but it will be nice to have it done (until April or May...).

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Heather said...

I just started to go thru Jack's clothes and pack away what's too small and bring out the bigger stuff.

I DREAD going thru and figuring out what I need for winter clothing, etc. They seem to lose mittens and hats on a regular basis.