Sick Jokes

There's always someone crackin' a joke around here.  Tonight it was Tim.

Phoenix hasn't been feeling all that well for a few days (cough, runny nose) and tonight after supper he'd had enough.  He started puking.  Just as we'd start thinking he must surely be done, he'd start again.  For supper I fed him prunes (among other things).  He's been a little "irregular" lately and had some tummy problems.  I figured the prunes would help.  Here's the comedy...

Tim: (after PJ puked all over Tim and himself) I thought those prunes were supposed to work the other way.

Laugh a minute.

Hoping and praying that now that PJ is sleeping he will not be sick anymore.  Also on that list is the wish to NOT have to change any clothing or bedding during the night.

poor sick baby :(

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Heather said...

My first thought as I read it was that the prunes were working the wrong end!