Crafting for a Cause update

I've only managed to get 6 bags done so far.  However, I think they will go much more quickly now that I've made some slight changes to my process.

The first three bags are intended for boys.  Two are flannel, one is cotton woven.  The cotton woven is guitar picks, but I must have had an "off" day when choosing colors for inner and straps because it ended up looking a bit "Halloween-y".  Oh well, I'm guessing some child will love it. ;)

For my second round, I went with more girly prints (although the bag with the "bubbles" could probably be either).  These bags went together much more quickly.  I cut down the number of steps involved by making the pocket the entire width of the bag.  Also, there is only one pocket.  All bags are reversible, so depending on which way you use it, you'll either have a pocket on the outside or the inside.  (Two of the "boy" bags have pockets both in and out.)  I spent some time one evening cutting all the pieces for the bags, and the second evening I put them together.  Overall I spent about 45 min. to an hour on each bag.  If I continue to work on them I believe I may be able to cut that down to about 30 min. per bag, but we'll see.

(As always, clicking on the pictures will allow you to see a larger version if you are wanting to see more details. *grin*)

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Karri said...

Fantastic job, my dear! Love what you did with the pockets!