Crafting for a Cause

(**edited:  I realized after reading more closely that the cause is actually Craft Hope.  Project 16 is their most recent project.  I apologize for any confusion!**)

In the comments to my post "Pins and Needles", my friend Linda suggested I check out a great cause called "Project 16::The Littlest Warriors".  I did, and I've decided to make some bags to donate to this cause.  It just so happens, the mom that started this (a mom whose little one is battling leukemia) lives right here in MN.

So, what I'm wondering is this... are there others out there who would be willing to help me make items?  If you are local, we can fill a box (or more??) and send.  If you are not local, you could recruit your own local friends and send a box of your own.  Contact me through the comments on my blog, through email (qfmama@gmail.com), or by phone (282.4348) to let me know you are participating.

Specifically, Project 16 is asking for beanies and bags.  I'll be focusing on bags, as I am able to make those relatively quickly.  To get more details about Project 16, click on the link in the first paragraph.  Also, if you are unable to sew, but are willing to donate fabric, please contact me!

So, let's craft for a cause!

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Linda said...

:) We're making beanies! Thanks for spreading the word!