Pins & Needles

Recently I've completed several projects.  Last week I finished these two reversible bags for a friend.  Her fabric, my cutting/sewing. :)  She really likes them, so that makes me happy! I made so many modifications to each of these bags to make them work.  I made mistakes (cutting pieces the wrong size) that I couldn't "fix" because of lack of fabric.  However, I'm pleased with the final results.

I also made this bookmark after seeing a tutorial online.  It was easy, but I really didn't have the right type of interfacing.  I hope it holds up!  What better way to use up the scraps left when trimming down the pocket pieces. :)

The next project was a cute little amigurumi bunny (free pattern can be found at Lion Brand.com by logging in and searching "best bunny").  I stuffed him with yarn remnants since it was all I had on hand.  If I were to make another I would wait until I purchased some "real" stuffing.  But, he's cute.  Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to do for the eyes since I don't think I have beads that will work, and I know I don't have any black/nearly black yarn...

Yesterday was the day I really crafted up a storm!  It was the result of sorting dozens of links for tutorials and projects I'd like to make.  I just couldn't walk away!  LOL  The great thing is that every project was done with scraps left from previous projects. :)

My first project was a mini version of a bag holder.  It's much smaller than a traditional bag holder, but works perfectly near my desk where I really need a few bags, but don't want them just sitting out.  First of all, it would be unsightly.  Secondly, some small person would likely walk off with them... ;)  So, this is my solution.  Now when I'm ready to change out the bag in the garbage I can just do it!  (I'm always putting it off because it requires getting a bag from the entry closet, and I never remember to grab one when I'm out there...  Now I have no excuse!)

My second project was the little cutie shown below.  I found a tutorial for a finger pincushion, and thought it was a great idea!  So much better than holding pins in my mouth when removing them from a project I'm sewing; I can't just toss them on my work surface for fear they will end up on the floor, and then in little feet...  I didn't have all the necessary supplies to complete that particular pincushion, so I googled and found this one.  Very simple!  I did find that the finished product was a bit overstuffed to use on my pointer finger.  It does work on my ring finger or pinkie, but I'm not sure how practical that will be.  (I did make a second that you will see off to the side in following pictures. It's just slightly larger, and less stuffed than the first.  It fits perfectly!)
(A friend asked if I thought it would be hard to break the habit of putting the pins in my mouth.  I honestly don't know!   I never liked doing it, but did it out of necessity... I guess time will tell. *grin*)

Still on the pincushion kick, I made this square (about 4"x4"x2.5").  My current pincushion was a flower - cute, but collected dust like nobodies business, which drove me crazy! This may be a bit under-stuffed, but if I need to I can open up my side seam and fill it a bit more.  (And there's that second finger p.c. I made...)

The last project was a bookmark made using this tutorial.  I made this for Victory from the remnants of the first project I attempted for her which was an utter failure for lack of thorough thought.  LOL  She's happy with the end result. :)

 Now, what should I make next?? ;)  (Actually, I have another project in process, but it's taking a lot of thought - which I don't always have the brainpower for - so is moving slowly.  I will, however, be posting pictures when it's done!)

And, just for fun...
Yes, that's a QUARTER... next to a mutant strawberry!!


Steph T said...

You know, I had a Great Aunt who always put pins in her mouth--and she swallowed one. She had to go to the hospital and have it surgically removed. For some reason as a child that story stuck with me and I am always hesitant to put pins in my mouth (even though I do on occasion).

Your strawberry looks like conjoined quadruplets. No, make that quintuplets! LOL

Great job on all the projects!

Heather said...

Looks like you were busy :) Yay for crafting.

That strawberry looks fantastic.

Umm...you could make your friend who can't sew some of those things we talked about awhile back :)

lol...love ya!

Linda said...

Wow! Such nice projects :) DON'T know how you find the time.

BTW, if you are feeling like some more crafting up something you have already mastered, crafthope is promoting a project for anyone to contribute to: beanies and BAGS {to hold goodies}for kids with cancer/going through treatment. The info on where to send finished projects by the March 14 deadline.
Happy February to you!