Mid-Night Mania

With our crew, it's inevitable that at some point after they've been sent to bed, at least ONE will be upstairs again.  There are the usual excuses: I forgot to go potty; I need a drink; my lips are dry, I need lip stuff.  But last night was not quite so 'usual'.

The first kid to come upstairs was Alex.  To his credit, it was about 2 hours past the time they'd gone to bed (usually we're in the 10-30 min range).  I'm not sure what his original 'reason' was, but before he headed back to bed he said, "I was thinking about the numbers from 1-9.  And I wondered how many combinations you could make.  So I figured it out.  It's 361,880**."  He went on to explain the process he used.  Then he headed off to bed as if this was all perfectly normal behavior.  LOL  (He clearly got his skill with numbers from his dad...)  I wonder when he sleeps?

Phoenix often makes a trip upstairs in the middle of the night as well... but that's usually because I'm still up when he wakes to eat, or he needs a diaper change.  Last night was the latter.  While we were up, I decided I'd just nurse him while sitting on the couch so I wouldn't fall asleep with him in my bed.  We both seem to sleep better when he spends most of the night in his own bed...  As I got up to head back down to bed, I heard Jericho crying.  By the time I got to the top of the stairs, she was nearly all the way up (we moved her from the crib to a cot a few days ago, so getting out of bed is something new for her).  I told her I had to put PJ back in bed and she should go back to bed too (this happened around 3am!).  Instead, she continued up the stairs.  I asked if she needed something.  Clear as a bell, she said, "Potty".  Wha!?  She's not potty trained AT ALL, but I thought I'd better go with it!  LOL  So, I got PJ settled, and headed back upstairs to get the diaper off the *other* baby and put her on the potty.  Her diaper was still dry at that point!  She sat on the potty chair, but because someone else used it at bathtime and it hadn't been emptied yet I really don't know if she actually went or not.  When she was "done", I put her diaper back on and she happily went back to bed.


I hope tonight is a bit less eventful. ;)

**He corrected himself this morning: it's actually 362,880.  So clearly he thought about it more after he went back to bed, and caught his error.


Heather said...

HUH? Apparently I didn't do so well in math :)

We coulda chatted last night..I was up and down with my sicky, Jack.

Karri said...

Sweet! Was she dry this morning?

Kristin said...

Ha! I wish! She was actually so soaked I had to change her sheets. LOL