A New Year

Today marks the last day of our first week of schooling for this year.  There have been some snags (as there always are), but I am SO thankful for the fact that I have the option to school my children at home.

Today I read a great post that gave me some things to think about, but also put into words the "why" of what we've chosen for our family.  You can read the whole post here.  Below I've included two quotes that really stood out for me.

"The reason we are teaching at home (aside from the fact that we believe God has asked us to) is so we can nurture their personalities and bents, focus on the areas God has gifted them, disciple them in life, and continue to cultivate the garden of their souls…which is quite a bit of work (especially because mine needs a lot of cultivating itself!)."
"The biggest goals I have for my children are that they know God, love Him, and love others. I want to teach them about the world around us so that they can reach out to the world…and love well. I suppose if I didn’t accomplish anything else, I’d be most satisfied if my children knew and loved God, gave Him their hearts, and loved people well. "

I love the picture of "cultivating the garden of their souls".  And, yes, my own soul needs plenty of cultivating. I pray that this would be a year of learning and growth for ALL of us,  that we would know God more deeply, and love him more fully.  I'm excited to see what he has in store for us!

For those that don't know:  This year we have Alex (8th grade), Chase (6th grade), Victory Joy (1st grade), and Levi (Kindergarten).  The other three are just "learning life". :)

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