That's what you get...

I had a "mom moment" just a bit ago.  The little kids were told HOURS ago to get the toy room cleaned up.  It's quite possible it's gotten worse, not better.  I was already frustrated about the lack of progress, but then they started fighting.  I chose to finish my lunch and was then going to deal with it.  Before I got in there, Levi started screaming/crying and I could hear him coming through the kitchen.  As I got up out of my seat I yelled (in my best mom voice), "You better be blee.... oh." 

It was one of those times when he actually wasn't really over-reacting!  As near as I've been able to figure out, he was holding Victory's leg/foot as they were fighting, and when he let go he got kicked in the face.  I spent quite a while cleaning floors, carpet, a couch, and a few random toys while the boy sat on a chair with a rag on his face.

All is well now...  it was just one of those times when, as a mom, you say something (because of an assumption you've made) and it comes back to bite you!  LOL

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