Resurrection Sunday

It was a beautiful Easter Sunday. A little cool because of the wind, but not so much I couldn't get a picture outside of all the kids in their Easter duds. The girls were all wearing outfits they'd never worn before, but none of them were new... except for Jericho. I made her dress. I don't have those pics on the computer yet, but will be adding one soon! :) Levi wasn't a very happy camper, so I only got two pics, and this was the best one.

L-R: Shiloh, Chase, Jericho, Victory, Alex, Levi

Our day was quite enjoyable. Very subdued. Church was wonderful. After church we came home and had leftover pizza for lunch. All the kids took naps (and Tim and I did too *grin*). When we all woke up we headed over to the Theis' for a wonderful meal and time with friends.

Update on the Icky's:
Levi is still coughing a lot, but not running a fever anymore. It's obvious he isn't feeling 100% as he is very touchy and cries a lot. Alex is still coughing a little, but his nose doesn't seem as stuffy. Chase is still running a very low grade temp, not eating much, sleeping a lot, and coughing. The last couple of days he's been up much more, but it wears him out, and I can tell by his eyes he's not better yet. Shiloh is coughing a lot and pretty touchy. Victory is coughing a lot, but seems the least affected. Tim is pretty much over his cough. I'm doing well... never did get the cough, and hope it doesn't show up!! Jericho is stuffy, but no fever or cough, so that's good. I'm hoping to evict the remaining Icky's this week...

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