Staying In Touch

A while ago Victory brought me a little scrap of a paper towel with some writing on it.  She said it was her phone number so when she got bigger and didn't live with me any more I could still call her...

That number is 812-6350.

It's clear that we need to work on our numbers (I'm almost wondering if she doesn't have dyslexia because most numbers get written backward... even when she's copying them directly), but it was so cute!  She was pretty bummed when I told her "they" don't allow you to pick your own phone number and she emphatically stated that they really should let you do that!  ") 


Jennifer said...

Kristin - My Grace had the same problem. We were very worried, as she did her 2's, 5's, S's, etc. backwards. What her teacher told us - and we followed through with - was that it is all practice.

Now - a year later - we are flying through with very few issues.

Very cute note to treasure! :) <3

Katie said...

evidently they have abandoned the term "dyslexia," as i was told by dr.holly clausen. "non-verbal phonological learning disability" is what adam was diagnosed with:) but it is also a normal pattern too to flip them, so perhaps in time it may be outgrown. super cute note!!

Heather said...

That is precious...when she doesn't live with you any more. Gotta love the way their minds work.

Andy gets some of his letters backwards still too.