Yes, they like the dentist!

Today I had all the kids to the dentist (Jericho was the only one without an appointment).  Thankfully, getting my kids to the dentist is NOT like pulling teeth!  ")  They enjoy the dentist, they like having their teeth cleaned, they even ASK when they can go again!

Today's reports were pretty typical... everyone could brush a little better than they have been.  This time, however, Alex and Chase were both instructed to start flossing more often since most of their teeth are the ones they need to keep for life!  Alex has 5 teeth left to lose, and some of those are loose at the moment.  Chase has 2 baby teeth left, and one of those is loose... the x-rays showed the other should be loose soon.  (Sounds like the tooth fairy will be busy around here!)

The bad news was that Levi has two cavities. "(  He'll head back next week to have those taken care of.  Hope it doesn't change his positive view of the "don-tist"!  (Levi always has trouble with "dentist" -- I'm pretty sure it has something to do with all the trips he's made when we took Alex and Chase to the orthodontist...)

The Levi story of the day came as I was scheduling his appointment to have those nasty cavities filled.  The dentist let me know that Levi gave him a good laugh.  I always make the kids brush their teeth right before we head to the dentist's office.  Levi let Dr. Imdieke know that he had only brushed his bottom teeth because he wanted the dentist to brush the top ones.  LOL


Heather said...

ah Levi :) That's too sweet!

Andy LOVES the dentist as well. CRAZY! I'd rather have a FULL physical then go. And I have several teeth that need crowns...bring on the LOL gas :)

Yana said...

I like your blog design =)