And here we are...

Six weeks and counting! We were supposed to have our six week checkup today, but it has been postponed. I'm really excited to find out how much she weighs now! And, since I was already down below my pre-pregnancy weight at her 4 week check, I'm looking forward to seeing if I've lost any more. :)

The picture was taken when my sister, sis-in-law, and nieces and nephew came for a visit last week. L-R: Victory, Sharon (my sis), Jericho, and Honey (my niece).

We've had some illness go through... Levi and Shiloh have both had very runny noses. Levi, unfortunately, came down with a severe cough just a day or two after his nose stopped running. I slathered him down with Watkins Menthol-Camphor for a day and he seems good as new! I can't wait for everyone to be healthy so I can spend time with some friends again!!

Off to visit with my parents. They are stopping by on their way home from vacation. :)

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AllyJoy said...

Such a cute picture of the girls! I thought Sharon was you and I did a triple-take. I hope everyone gets better soon so you can get out of the house!