Life Goes On

We are all adjusting well here.  I feel like we've discovered our new "normal", but then again I'm always trying to change that to make it better too!

Today was Jericho's 4 week checkup with Joy.  I had guessed she would weigh between 11 and 12 pounds.  I was wrong!  She was only 9lb. 12oz.  But, she's still up almost 2 pounds from her birth weight.  She also grew and inch and a half in length.  She's a pudgy, cute little bundle :)

I didn't get pictures yesterday of her at 4 weeks, but I plan to make up for that on Friday when she will officially be 1 month old!  Can time really go that quickly?  I know I keep saying that, but it just keeps amazing me. ;)  She will be 1 month on the same day my nephew Tyler turns 1 year.  We'll be heading to the Cities for a birthday bash on Saturday, and are all looking forward to that.

Although I've only been posting about once a week, I have lots of thoughts running through my brain that I'd love to post.  Unfortunately, they are random bits and pieces... I'll work on getting them together, and then try to post more often!

Be sure to check back in a couple of days for new pictures, and until then, enjoy the rest of your week!

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