People are funny

My mom called last night to check in and let us know how they are doing. They are enjoying a vacation (a gift from their church for my dad's retirement) in Myrtle Beach. My cousin and 4 of her children joined them for a couple of days of fun and visiting. The desk clerk called and asked if they would be attending the outdoor pool party the next day. (The response was no.) Then, she said she'd noticed they had some kids with them, and would they like her to get them some free tickets to a local attraction for $50. Really? Somehow, that doesn't add up. LOL

On the plus side, even though the temps are below normal around here for this time of year, it was only 50 degrees in M.B. So, I won't be too jealous. :)

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AllyJoy said...

I'm so glad your parents are enjoying their trip! It is a much deserved vacation.