Several weeks ago Pastor Matthew said something in his sermon that I took to heart and am working at implementing in our home. This is the rule they have in their home - "We obey right away, all the way, and with a cheerful heart." I now have this posted in two places here at home. It is a reminder to the kids about how they are to respond as well as a reminder to me.

Following that sermon I emailed and let Pastor Matthew know that we were using this rule and asked how they teach their kids to obey, in particular, with a cheerful heart. If you are a parent, you know, while kids may obey right away and all the way, the cheerful heart is a tough one to master! In his response to my question he said that conversations with your children that get to the root of the problem are key.

Taking the time to examine your child's heart and understand the struggle they are dealing with is key. Time... something we all think we lack. So, perhaps the root of the issue is my heart? If I am not willing to set aside what I am doing and deal with my child's heart, then I am doing them a disservice. In refusing to take time I am in essence saying, "Your spiritual future is less important than [fill in the blank]." NO. I need to realize that NOTHING I do is more important than looking out for and developing Godly character in my children.

As I enter a new week I now have two goals:
(1) Take time to develop Godly character in my children.
(2) Combat my own sinful nature in an effort to 'do the good I want'.

Take time this week.


The Lefto's said...

Ouch. That's a GREAT reminder. Thanks for sharing Kristin. I might just have to print a couple copies of this blog and post them around the house for me!!

CB said...

This is a great word! I needed this!