As promised...

Jericho Faith
1 month old

We had our 4 week check with Joy on Wednesday and Jericho weighed 9lb. 12oz. in nothing but her birthday suit. On Thursday at W.I.C. she was 9lb. 15.5oz. in her teeny little diaper. :) So, she is growing well! Enjoy the pictures... we sure enjoy looking at her every day!

(the little MaryJane's were made by Jericho's Auntie Sharon, and the Armadillo was a gift from Gpa and Gma O -- Happy first Valentine's Day little one!)


Steph and Mitch T said...

Ok, that bottom picture totally looks like Levi. With Victory's chin. :) Those mary jane's look like they would stay on a lot better than the ones I've been trying to make!! I have them finished, just haven't found any buttons that would work well. :P

Dawn said...

What a blessing this wee one is to your family. She's a cutie all right!
I looked like her when I was a baby...itty bitty fine blonde hair that took forever to grow and huge blue eyes. :)

May you all have a good and productive week for GOD.

February blessings from TX,


CB said...

She is so precious! Makes me want another lil' baby girl someday :)