4 months already?!?

Jericho is such a joy! She interacts with all of us in such fun ways. She's discovered her hands, and just this week began grabbing at things. She smiles so much! I don't know how much she weighs now, but I need to get back on the Wii fit and weigh her (Did it today - 5/15 - and she was 13.8lbs, so I was a little over on my guess -->). I'm guessing she's around 15 lbs. I've got more updates on the other kids too... they are all growing like weeds. But, that's news for another day. Enjoy the pics, and a quick jump down memory lane. :)

Photos: Shiloh & Jericho having fun; happy baby at 4 months; where we started


Courtney said...

How fun that she's starting to grab stuff! She looks like such a happy girl, I'm sure she just loves being entertained by all the big kids.

Steph and Mitch T said...

Oh man, it's crazy how fast they change!! Look at that cute little wrinkle on her squished up face (the one across her nose)--seems like it disappeared almost immediately! And 15 lbs, you really think so??? LOL I'm kinda hoping that my little girl is at least under 16 lbs at 4 mos...we'll see. :) Malachi was 18 lbs (chubba chubba). Ouch!