Moving Day!

Not us... my parents! Back in December my dad retired after about 35 years in the ministry. More than 30 of those years were spent at First Baptist Church in Pillager, MN. His first church was in Quamba, MN. Yep, I'm a small town girl... Saint Cloud is HUGE!! LOL I lived the first two years of my life in a parsonage in Quamba, right across the street from the church. The next decade of my life was spent in a parsonage in Pillager several blocks from the church. Next, we moved into a newly constructed parsonage built next to the church.

Now, for the first time (and ironically the same year my brother and his wife are purchasing their first home) my parents will own their own home! The house was built on a lot near the school by the Construction Trades class. On Tuesday, the house was moved to it's permanent home on 5 acres north of Pillager. I had planned on coming home Monday, but stayed through Tuesday so my kids could see the move. It was exciting, and a little scary, watching that house heading down the road! I had a knot in my stomach... my mom, who was riding with me, was near tears (mostly joy, and a bit of trepidation). When we got to the highway, Victory finally realized the house was in front of us and said, "Hey! I didn't know the house was driving!!" LOL

It was a cold, nasty day, but worth sticking around for! Here's some pictures of the big event...

Congratulations, Mom & Dad!!


Steph and Mitch T said...

That is sooooo cool. Unbelievable that they can DO that!

So, if you go to the church's website and click on "map to us" it goes to a google map. Then you can click "street view" and literally have a 360 degree view of the street and "drive" down the street! Yipee--I got to go to your parent's house without leaving mine! LOL

AllyJoy said...

I'm so glad you posted the pictures - how exciting!! I was talking with Amy shortly after the house was set on its foundation and mid-story she exclaimed "OH!!! The O's house is here!" I am excited to see it in person when we visit. What a great day for them and for them to have you and the grands to share it with.

Heather said...

I happened to see your parents yesterday at work. Remind me to tell you sometime...they just look so relaxed and excited about their new house.