A Tidy Tip for Tuesday

Clever title, huh? LOL Okay, so I know, I'm a dork...

Anyway, I was cleaning my entry today and I thought I'd share this great tip I discovered almost two years ago while trying to bring back some of the "new" to my old house. It's a *bit* hard to see in the pictures, but if you look closely (hint: click on the picture to see a larger image in a new window) you can see a definite line where the floor goes from very clean to not so clean.

Now, I washed 2/3 of the floor. The first half (closest to the top of the picture) I washed with Lysol, used a magic eraser, and then wiped with the Lysol again. The next 4 squares down were only scrubbed using the Lysol. The rest of the floor has yet to be washed. As you can see, the top portion looks much cleaner!

So, invest in those little magic erasers. I admit, they don't work quite as well as I'd like for some other applications (such as removing crayon from the wall - not that we know anything about that around here...), but they definitely bring new life to my floors!


AllyJoy said...

We can see the line!! Both Paul and I were squinting at the picture at first, but then I read your description and it was easy to see then:). Thanks for the tip.

Kristin said...

I can't believe how much your floor looks like our kitchen floor. I have always found it difficult to keep it clean with all that white.

Dawn said...

I'm a total believer in magic eraser!!!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Yes, Lily got a haircut. Her hair is more manageable when it's short.

I love the picture of Shiloh tucking the dolly into her new bed - adorable!

And I totally knew which baby was who!!! You make PRECIOUS babies!