Always something new

Pregnancy.  Oh, did you forget that I was expecting?  LOL Understandable if you don't see me often (or ever)... I did only mention it once several months ago.  I realized a week or two ago that I'd not updated about the pregnancy at all.

Well, I'm just over 28 weeks.  What that means for a pregnant woman is, typically, it's time for a glucose tolerance test.  Thankfully, my midwife does not subject me to that test.  She does, however, provide a glucometer and have me test my fasting blood sugar level, and then again 2 hrs after a meal.  My 2 hr number was borderline.  As a result, I will now be test 4 times a day for the next two weeks as well as keeping a food journal.  This is so frustrating for me! And, it's new.  I've never had poor results from a gd test.  Even when I was drinking the nasty glucose drink at the clinic my readings were great.  There's never been a need to take the second test to recheck numbers.  I don't really like this new...

I am thankful that overall this has been a good - yet unique! - pregnancy.  So many weird things I've never dealt with before.  Being borderline for gestational diabetes is certainly the most annoying (and also a bit scary!).  I guess there's a first time for everything!

One other thing with this pregnancy is how huge I got all of a sudden.  It's crazy.  I'm already looking full term, with a good 12 weeks left to go.  But, since the surgeon who removed my gall bladder also fixed my herniated belly button, it no longer sticks out, so for that I'm thankful. ;)  Starting about 2 weeks ago I already started getting the "you must not have much longer" comments... sigh.

As for the possibility of gestational diabetes, I welcome advice from those who have been there.  Please refrain from sharing horror stories about 13 pound babies and ongoing health problems.  I just really need positive encouragement at this time.  Also, prayers are appreciated!

For the most part, I am healthy and feeling good physically.  Baby (a boy!) is growing nicely, and loves to move.  Everyone is excited for him to arrive.  The kids know it's too early for him to come, but Levi in particular will occasionally (and wistfully) say, "I wish it was time for the baby to come out!"

(For comparison sake, here's a pic of my belly at approximately 36 weeks when pregnant with Jericho.) 


Unknown said...

I had GD, when pregnant with my kids - it wasn't too pleasant to check blood four times every day (my fingers got a bit calloused!); and it seemed at the time actually criminal to tell a six months along pregnant girl who was eating for two she couldn't eat anymore! :-) (At least, that's what it felt like, haha)

But I kept my weight down, and both babies were healthy, and even a bit on the small size (they came a little early, completely unrelated to the GD!).

Knowing you are doing your best to care for this bundle of love makes it all worth it - stick to the diet, and all wil be well!

Do be aware, though, that having GD puts you at a higher risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes later on in your life, so be on the vigil against weight gain as you age.

Best wishes and God bless!!!!

Heather said...

My friend Tammy had it..she was able to eat differently while pregnant, she actually felt so much better and continued many of those healthier habits after baby was born.

hugs and smooches to you all :(

Angel Larsen said...

I am laughing that you have had comments as to when you are due. I don't know if you remember me last summer when at the garage sale every one thought I was due "any day now," I too also had 12 weeks left. Ahh the joys of many babies and no abs to hold them in :)

Jaime said...

Sharing the name or no? Just curious.