Have I mentioned I like sewing?

Before I start this post for real, I want to update on Phoenix.  He's feeling better.  No fever.  Still a bit cranky, though. ;)  He's feeling well enough to get into lots of mischief!  I noticed a rash this evening, so I'm certain it was a viral thing - probably roseola.  Fits the symptoms perfectly, and is really common.

Recently a friend, putting together a gift package to donate to a silent auction, asked if she could purchase one of my totes to hold the goodies she was donating.  I wasn't sure how I felt about that since I've never sold one of my totes before.  I also had no idea what to charge if I did sell one.  I did, however, agree that I could make a tote.

She let me know what she was donating, and also the color of one of the items, and I started looking at my fabrics.  I found something I thought would work... and then it all just sat in my bin, waiting.

Yesterday evening I realized I didn't know when she needed the tote!  LOL  So, I made a phone call and discovered I only had until about noon on Friday.  That got my butt in gear.  I gathered my supplies, made a plan, and started cutting.

As usual, I made an error.  And, as usual, it turned out to be just the thing the bag needed to make it special. :)

Here's what I ended up with:

It was tough letting go of this one!  It turned out really great, and I love the colors.  I hope it helps bring a good price for the gift bundle at the auction.  My friend loved the bag as well, and the colors were perfect!

Today, since Tim was off work all day, I took the opportunity to take a project out of my "project box".  The box is full of 1/2 finished projects, and hasn't been touched in well over a year.  An adorable pair of pants with a hole in the knee found new life. :)  After completing this project I thought perhaps a ruffle would have been better.  Then again, Shiloh will be the one wearing them, and ruffles aren't really her thing.  Maybe when they get passed down to Jericho I'll replace the cuff with a ruffle. ;)

(For the record, she did not wear the pants today... hopefully she'll choose different socks when she does wear them! LOL)

I saw a great idea tonight for the rest of the legs. :)  Can't wait to work on that project!  Hmm.  It seems that projects breed new projects...

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Dree said...

Those are cute! My younger son always wears through the left knee of his school uniform pants. The only way I can figure out to fix them is to make them (very boring, they are a uniform after all) shorts. I wish he would wear shorts more often, and then I could stop replacing the pants! LOL.

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