Never quite as expected

It would seem my days/weeks never go quite as expected.  My entire week has been thrown off because of PJ's illness.  The house has suffered greatly.  Attitudes have suffered.  Schooling (for the littles) has suffered.  Sigh.

Yesterday I finally decided to take PJ to the doctor.  His fever was gone.  The rash was incidental, and didn't worry me.  The fact that he would wake from a 20 minute nap and scream - with none of the normal calming methods of any use - was another issue altogether.  It occurred to me at some point yesterday that sometimes strep is accompanied by a rash.  With the screaming, I figured he had to hurt somewhere.  Was it his throat?  Was it ears?

A trip to Express Care confirmed my suspicions.  Thankfully, he was calm and cooperative the entire time we were at the doctor.  He didn't even cry after the throat swab!  Strep came back negative.  Ears, however, were red.  Also, a tympanogram showed very little movement.  Bummer!
Normal Tympanogram

This is approximately what one of PJ's ears looked like.  The other ear was even worse!

The rash (covers his back too).

Even his face got it :(
Today he seems to be nearly normal.  The ears will get better.  The rash is dissipating.  Maybe next week will be better?  No, next week WILL be better! ;)

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AllyJoy said...

I feel bad for all of you. It must have been a really long week.