Lady/Daughter Day

Every month a friend of mine hosts a craft day.  The months alternate between a ladies only night from 4pm-10pm and a lady/daughter day from 10am-4pm.  Two months ago I took Victory for the first time, and she really enjoyed it!

This month, I also took Shiloh because she seemed to be having a rough morning and I thought maybe she would benefit from some time away from the house.  Turns out she was the life of the party.  After sitting so quietly for more than the first hour, one mom mentioned she'd forgotten Shi was there because she was so quiet.  At some point, that changed.  She had one of her gut-wrenching giggle fits... the kind that makes my tummy hurt to listen to.  It got everyone else started, and it took me a long time to get her talked back down.  sigh.  (I'm told that while it may have been not so funny to me when it just wouldn't end, it was still quite funny to everyone else that didn't live in the same house with her.  LOL)

Victory decided long ago (right after the last Lady/Daughter Day?) that she wanted to work on her scrapbook this month.  My mom gave the scrapbook to her as a gift quite a while ago, and I finally ordered pictures a month or two ago so she'd have something to put in it.  She managed to get all the pictures cropped and glued down, and added a few embellishments.  It's still far from finished, but she is pleased as punch to have as much done as she does. :)

I brought several small projects to work on.  One project was a reworking of some jumpers I'd made the girls for Easter two years ago. (If you look closely at the picture of Victory's scrapbook - or click on the picture to see a larger version - you can see what they looked like in their original form.)  These first shots below were just 3 of many attempts to get the girls in their skirts (JJ's isn't' quite done yet, as she wasn't there to have the elastic fitted...), without goofy looks on their faces.  lol

And, the finished product...
Another project I brought along was inspired by two things.  First, I saw a gal at church with a bag made from a "recycled" pant leg.  Second, Victory really wanted her own tote.  This bag was a great compromise, and she loves it! (You may recognize the jeans from this post... I just couldn't throw those legs away because the side embellishment was too cute. *grin*  Now I'm glad I kept them!)

All in all it was a productive and fun day.  I'm looking forward to the ladies only night on April 7th. :)

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Heather said...

sounds like fun :)

Karri said...

Great ideas! Perhaps I should take miss Natalie with me next time.

Love the bag idea. The embellishments ARE cute!

Kristin said...

You girls are both more than welcome to join me! :)