Let's think about this, shall we?

It just occurred to me, as I was filling out forms and writing down birth dates, that the question I was asked at the pharmacy the other day was even more ridiculous than I first realized.

There was some confusion with my birthdate because the provider had called in my prescription with a wrong day (month and year were correct).  The person assisting me looked at me and asked when my birthday was.  I told her.  She looked confused.  She repeated the date to confirm.  I confirmed.  Then came the question:  "Was that 1975?" with great emphasis on the 19.  Um. Yes.  Is there another option?

So here's the thing... she was looking at me.  Even if she wasn't, it's not possible for my birth year to be 2075.  And, it's not possible for it to be 1875 either... unless I've just aged that well. ;)  Still driving at 136 years of age.  Amazing!

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Karri said...

I don't get why there was confusion. LOL Someone must have just had an off day. ;)