Earlier this week I was finally able find time to sew!  Best of all, I was finally able to use my "new" sewing machine. :)

Back in March I purchased a "new" machine from a lady at church.  I got it all oiled (it hadn't been used in years), and then it sat.  First I didn't have a convenient space to use it, then I didn't have time.  I finally found both!

My "new" baby :)
I'm happy to report the machine works like a dream.  (It also has a "home"... no pics of that yet.)

The project was a car seat cover for TJ.  I'd made one for Phoenix, but since he was born in the winter I used batting, and it was much too warm to use for summer!  I was able to find fabric I liked, and discovered after the fact that it was really on sale... I spent less than $7 on this project, and saved $14.42. Yay!

And here it is:

I used this tutorial.  If I were to make another, I think I might make it just slightly less wide.  I had an idea for this type of cover back when Alex and Chase were babies... I just didn't ever develop the idea (I didn't even own a machine at the time, and wasn't all that interested in sewing).  I love it because it's much like a blanket, but the straps keep it out of baby's face.  Also, it keeps the handle of the car seat accessible.

Now we just need a baby to put in the seat. ;) Thankful it will be soon!!


Kat said...

Oh, what a great idea! Wish I had one of those when my kids were little! Congrats on the "new" machine. Always fun to have a new (and practical!) toy!

Highland Monkey's said...

Beautiful quilt. Your table and machine are a perfect match!