The Plan

Planning for a new year of homeschool can be a bit daunting... especially when you realize that what you're currently using isn't really working for every subject area.  That's what we ran into this year.  For the last two years we've used Alpha Omega LifePacs exclusively.  Next year will look a bit different...

The current plan:
Alex (who we are now preparing for high school. YIKES!) is starting 9th grade in the fall and will be using LifePacs for math, history, and science.  He will also be fulfilling some electives credits with LifePacs (astronomy and geology - both tie in with his science for the year, and The Life of Christ -- he chose that last one on his own! Is it okay that I had a proud mom moment? *grin*).  Language Arts will be IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) curriculum.  We will start with Teaching Writing: Structure & Style/Student Writing Intensive B and Phonetic Zoo, and later will add in FixIt! Grammar, and Teaching the Classics.

Chase's year will look much like Alex's, minus the electives.  He will be in 7th grade.  They will be taught at the same level in IEW.  The Phonetic Zoo (spelling) allows them to work at their own pace.  All IEW is a mastery based system which I felt was missing in LifePacs (especially their LA).  While LifePacs are mastery based in theory, I didn't necessarily feel my boys were mastering anything...  thus the change. :)

Victory, Levi, and Shiloh will all be using another IEW curriculum aimed at the younger set.  PAL (Principal Arts of Language) is also a mastery based program which includes both Reading and Writing.  The three of them will be taught together (time efficiency!) but will still be allowed to advance at their own pace.  Eventually, Victory (and maybe Levi?) will add in All About Spelling.

Victory and Levi will be completing 2nd grade level LifePacs for science and history together.  Victory will do LifePacs grade 2 math, and Levi will do grade 1 math.  For Shiloh, I think we'll stick with printable worksheets and flashcards for math.

I think that's it... ;)

I am thankful for the summer months to figure out all the new additions (not just curriculum!  TJ will be a mystery as well. *grin*).  I'm also thankful for a husband/father who is incredibly involved in our schooling.  He is my master planner... I rely on him to make up the schedule for the year because it's just not my forte, and he does an EXCELLENT job! He also helps with teaching, correcting/grading completed work, and is a great sounding board for those frustrating moments/days.

I'm also thankful for a loving heavenly Father who provides what we need each and every day... even especially the tough days!

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Heather said...

Wow. I have no idea how you do it all. I was confused just reading it all. Of course, I'm not immersed in it on a day to day basis like you are! I so admire you for taking on the challenge of it all!

I love how you and Tim are such a TEAM...makes me smile to think of it. I envy that!